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After 5 years in Bend, Oregon I have returned to New Mexico and resumed using my middle name Willow. This photo was taken at BurningMan '15 (my 5th time). Now in my 60s, the art show business is winding down, but this year I will be doing many of my old SW shows again. My apologies to northwesterners already looking for & missing me. It was nice to be so well-received by many previous customers in the SW this fall, I'm glad to be back.

Thank you for visiting my website, if you've come to this page, you may be curious about how my work developed. I studied 'Textile Techniques in Metal' with Arline Fisch at San Diego State in 1985 while finishing my MFA in Costume Design. In 1977 I received a BA in Art:Metals, so this marriage of textiles & metal captured my imagination and I've been 'hooked' into making my living with it ever since.

More people are now working textile techniques in metal, and I'm always fascinated with the variety of creativity coming from each individual. This medium allows for unlimited direction and I hope my work will inspire others, I'm willing to offer advice to anyone with technical questions.

When metal is woven, it becomes flexible (the weave is what moves), but retains a formative quality that will alter the shape and dimension of a piece. Each metal and gauge has unique tensile properties that will affect design. I work with gold-fill, sterling and fine silver, copper, brass, steel, niobium and a huge array of color-coated copper. There are now more craft wires being produced in vibrant colors, but most of my coated copper came from the electronics industry and is hard to find. I have amassed a wide range of colors in various gauges that can be blended/worked together to produce new colors. The use of beads is an important design element, adding color, texture and light.

My designs range from simple to wildly dramatic, from period styles such as Victorian, Renaissance and Gothic, to organic floral forms, to high-tech sleek tubular items. Though sales have directed my work, newer experimental pieces are often produced, inspired by my artistic background and years of experience with the medium.

Since 1988 I have mainly sold my work at juried art shows in the southwestern states (4yrs in the northwest), enabling me to work directly with customers and travel to beautiful places. The portable nature of this craft allows for proliferation and I've been seen crocheting in some unlikely places. Crochet/knitters know the addictive, meditative introspection inherent to this work, it has centered me through lifes' changes, while providing a living.


Kae Willow Milane | 505.988.5777
135 Fiesta St. Santa Fe, NM 87501

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