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Thank you for coming to this page, (order info is at bottom) you may be curious about how my work came about. I received a BA in Art: Metals in 1977, then returned to San Diego State University for an MFA in Costume Design in 1985. I studied with Arline Fisch, where the marriage of textiles & colored metal captured my imagination. I soon began making my living crocheting wire, which suited my creativity and fit my self-employed nature.

Many people are now working with wire and I'm impressed with the variety coming from each individual. This medium allows for unlimited direction and I hope my work will inspire others.

When metal is woven it becomes flexible (the weave moves), but wire retains a formative quality so we can shape a piece. Each metal and gauge has unique tensile properties that affect design. I worked with gold-fill, sterling & fine silver, copper, brass, steel, niobium and a huge array of color-coated copper. Now there are craft wires being produced in vibrant colors, but most of my wire came from the electronics industry (magnet wire) and is hard to find. I worked different colors together to create new colors and used beads as a design feature.

My work ranged from simple to dramatic, period styles such as Victorian, Gothic, and Renaissance, to organic plant forms, to sleek tubular items. Though sales directed my work, newer experimental pieces were often produced, inspired by my costume background and years of experience with the medium. Customers also provided great ideas.

From 1988 to 2018 I sold my work at juried art shows in the western states, based in NM and awhile in OR, enabling me to work directly with customers and travel to beautiful places. The jewelry category of shows is highly competitive, the uniqueness of my work got me into some of the best. The portable nature of this craft allowed for proliferation and I was seen working in some unlikely places. Weavers know the meditative quality of hand work, it centered me through life changes while providing a living.

After 30+ years of art shows, I've retired now. My business RV is used for camping, I'm still an avid skier, and my gardens bring me joy. I mastered this craft and moved on to other creative mediums, including recycled art. I'm retaining this website as an online portfolio and orders are still welcome, call text or email for inquiries. I still offer free repairs, use padding, include cost for return postage, and use the free PO tracking number. For orders I use Square online invoices or will accept checks. Thank you to all who have supported my art for so many years.


Kae Willow Milane | 505.988.5777
135 Fiesta St. Santa Fe, NM 87501

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