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These knit bangles are popular and I still receive orders. The variety is extensive, they're flexible, stackable and durable. Most people leave them on all the time. I'm happy to assist, will need to know size, metal, weave &/or beads. The following will help.



As there is no clasp, they work on over the hand bones, which determines size (not the wrist). Some like them loose, most enjoy them snug. They come off easier, won't break in the process and will relax with wear. It's hard to measure a circle, but roughly XS 6-3/4" SM 7-1/4" MED 7-3/4" LG 8-1/2" XLG 9-1/8". I had to show people the trick: I suggest 'clawing' it on using finger tips, over the index knuckles first, pinky bone and back of hand, then the thumb bone. Lotion or wet soapy hands make it easier. If no beads, will roll off & on. Be patient, it becomes easy. Mistaken size orders can be exchanged.



These abbreviations are common, notes refer to continuous wear, all can be cleaned with toothbrush after soaking in dish soap


Yellow, white or rose Gold, ~$6-800, depends on gauge & weave, wears beautifully


Gold-fill, no color change, constant wear and skin Ph will wear down gold on inside of bracelet, revealing base metal


Sterling silver, takes on a nice patina inside the weave, top surface stays bright from wear


Bare copper, quickly turns brown like a penny, outer edges buffed from wear, oxidizes skin in hot humidity. Softer metal will thin sooner


Brass, takes on an olive patina, mixes well with copper, oxidizes skin in high humidity


Color-coated copper is thinner wire, needs 2 strands in a denser weave, with glass beads only. Not as durable as above metals, with constant wear the nylon/teflon coating wears away revealing the copper. Popular color combos shown below.



I make 5 different weaves with various gauges, mixing metals, denser ones take longer using more wire. Bangle prices shown have no price change for sizes but can fluctuate a little with metal prices.


heavier wire, open weave


2 strands of thinner wire, looser weave


single strand, tighter weave


double strand, tighter weave


chunkier look, double strand, open weave


GF $52      SS $45



     GF $52     SS/CP $36 
GF/SS $47          CP $32
     SS $42     CP/BR $32 

GF $60     SS $53


     GF $80          SS $64

GF/SS $70     SS/CP $53

     GF $60          SS $44
GF/SS $52     SS/CP $36 


Stone beads and pearls are used in GF, SS & bare CP in weave C only. Most available in round, but some are faceted, disc, barrel or heishi cut. Can mix a variety in one bangle or mix stones with pearl or metal beads. Other stones are available while some shown are no longer options. I can text pics of bead choices.

Gold fill/pearls or stone beads, weave C   $75
     Gold fill/stone beads, weave C  $75

Sterling silver/pearls or stone beads, weave C   $63

Bare Copper/pearls or stone beads, weave C   $52



Metal beads come in a variety of shapes and sizes that mix well in one bangle, photos show popular

samples, choose from copper, brass or silver. Most are woven in Weave B (prices

shown) but other weaves are possible. Thai silver, also beautiful in SS or GF. Pics on request.


     GF $67          SS $55              CP $45
GF/SS $60     SS/CP $48         CP/BR $45

thai silver beads add $10


Glass beads are used in Colored-Copper bangles,weave D only, specify color, round or faceted.

Colored Copper bangles $45






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